What is Accreditation and Why it is Important for Your Online Education

If you are considering an online education, it is imperative that you get it from an accredited institution. Reputable online educational institutions have to be certified by legal accreditation organizations.

Accreditation organizations will look into every aspect of an online institution ensuring that it meets all required standards to provide its students with the best education that they will be paying for. These organizations provide an objective, unbiased opinion since they are not associated with the school in question in any way. They follow a particular procedure when checking the school for accreditation.

When you are looking for schools to pursue an online degree, it is vital that you check up that it has accreditation. A list of legitimate accreditation agencies is provided by the U.S. Department of Education, and this can give you the needful information about the legitimacy of the institution in which you are interested. The Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA) is one of the most important online accreditation agencies. Its aim is to encourage high standards of distance education by ensuring that the schools follow certain established standards and also provide the quality of education guaranteed by their promotional literature.

Accrediting organizations works with educational institutions to set up standards for evaluation. After the school is given time to get ready for a thorough self-evaluation, the agency does an on-site evaluation. After being accredited, the institution is monitored to ensure it maintains its high standard. The agency returns periodically with updated standards for the school.

Be sure to select an accredited school whether you’re pursuing your bachelor, masters, associate or PhD degree, because:

* Accreditation status is an indication that an institution has met the standards of quality determined by the accreditation organization, in terms of administration, faculty, libraries, curriculum, and student services, and thus, it will provide you with the quality education your expect and are paying for.

* At some point in their education, a number of students decide to transfer to a new university or college, which involves transfer of credits to the new school. Accreditation is an important criterion when the new school is determining whether to accept transfer credit from the student’s previous school. The majority of universities and colleges do not accept transferred course credits from a school that has not merited suitable accreditation status from an accreditation organization.

* To make sure that your future employers and other educational institutions recognize your online degree as reliable, you need a degree from an accredited institution. The majority of employers would rather hire job applicants who have earned their education from colleges or universities with the appropriate accreditation status. A large number of employers also check to see that employees have received their education at an appropriately accredited institution when coming to decisions on business promotions and advancements, etc.

If you want to get an authentic degree after completing your online course, which is also recognized at workplaces, you should ensure that the school is an accredited one. Otherwise, you might be rejected from reputable schools in case you want to transfer, or not even get your dream job. A degree from an accredited school will guarantee you a secure and successful future.